Sunday, December 5, 2010

Ridgefield Barbie: The Lies Continue.

So imagine my surprise when I discovered that Brian Baird had resigned early... and that the Camas Manikin had already been sworn in!
For the aficionado, Herrera is NOT "U.S. Rep." Herrera, God help us, is "U.S. Rep - ELECT" . There is a difference.

Words, of course, have meaning. The use of a title she has not yet attained is reminiscent of Herrera's exaggerations about her claims concerning her employment with her chief keeper, Cathy McMorris Rogers.
Her bogus labeling as a "Senior Legislative Assistant" was part and parcel of the many reasons I opposed her election.... and her appointment to the state House... because the truth and Herrera are frequently strangers in a wide variety of minor... and major... ways.
Lying (Or even exaggerating) about something as relatively unimportant as a title... like she did for the 11 months of her congressional campaign and like she's lying now go directly to the question of her integrity.
If she will lie and/or exaggerate about her title... what else will she lie or exaggerate about?

The sky's the limit... as we, no doubt, will come to find out.
Which brings us to this self-flagellating article written by someone else, reassuring us that Ridgefield Barbie, in fact, has a clue.
As one of her constituents in the state house for the past 3 years, I looked for that. I eagerly awaited the spark... the proof that she wasn't lying when she told the already-in-the-bag commissioners that
“Every step I have taken since high school has been preparing me for this. There is not a job in the world I would rather have.”
Clearly, her election to Congress 60 seconds later put the lie to that.

Ultimately, I was disappointed. She got a grand total of one bill passed, the "Baby Bill" that all new reps are given to teach them the process, an agreed bill that allows them to shepard something through both houses... sort of a bill with training wheels. That bill was buried under the sewage of her SEIU sell out and her decision to help the democrats strip out the last dime of the state emergency fund.

Like her other lies, her failure to disclose that she was parachuted in here after an 11 year absence entirely for the purpose of running for Congress goes to the heart of the matter.

Herrera' performance during the appointment process was pathetic. Additional lies and exaggerations concerning her "accomplishments" during her multiple internships; the fact that she relied so heavily on her catch phrase "I wouldn't pretend to presume to know," her complete lack of private sector experience; never having a private sector job, never owning a home... her only ties to this area for the decade before her appointment being a voter registration card... these are the reason I have opposed her in the past.

Garbage like that whoever is shilling for her dropped in the newspaper today is why I will continue to oppose her in the future.

The meaningless drivel in this letter to the editor... the same empty, non-specific promises... the very idea that as a back-bencher freshman member of congress she can do ANYTHING to effect policy, fix the economy, put people back to work, straighten out our foreign policy... these things are, well, all complete nonsense.

She had the opportunity here to tell the truth. And once again, she took a pass.

Clearly, while she claims her office will be a "no arrogance zone," she needs to review the tape of her disastrous appearance at the Tea Party function down here where I was characterized as "one of the few people in the district to oppose her candidacy."

Here's a clue, Babs. In the primary... 76% of the people voted for someone else.

And in the election, 47% of the people did not vote for you. In short, I was one of the tens of thousands who did not want you to darken the congressional doorway. "Arrogance" is your middle name, because like many spoiled brats who didn't have to work for what they've been given, you take all of this for granted.

Unfortunately for us, while your OFFICE may be a "no arrogance zone," it will also be a "no veracity zone." And YOUR arrogance will continue abated. Just ask Bunny.

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