Saturday, November 20, 2010

So, what is he democratian's bizarre Ridgefield Barbie fixation?

TWO articles on the Camas Manikin's office draw?

Man, I thought Barnett, Huff, Malin and Earling were kool aid drinkers... but this garbage? I had to replace my keyboard after I blew chunks all over the last one.

Of all the things to write about... all the issues confronting us today... and all the time and energy the rag has been spending doing Barbie's PR... this is the best they could write about?

I had no idea she'd worn out so many sets of kneepads.

Memo to Lou: You've gone off the deep end over this political waste of skin. Give it a rest... and polish her future screw ups as she replaces your pet leftist as the token Republican liberal you support.

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