Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Congressional envy: Why couldn't LTC Allen West have run HERE?

The Florida 22 won a tremendous victory last night when they tossed the incumbent and elected Army LTC Allen West (Ret) to Congress.

West is everything a member of congress SHOULD be... and the extra member of Congress for the 5th District that we gave them last night, isn't.

The Jawa Report is the purveyor of this effort.

November 03, 2010

Guardian Of America's Honor

LTC Allen West, a winner by any standard:

Watch the videos below the fold to understand why I support LTC Allen West and why HE should have been our first black President.

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This is the kind of person we should have representing us.

Someone tested. Someone hardened. Someone with a proven record of sacrifice, of pain, of
leadership. Someone who has accomplished with their lives.

And this district, which lost any congressional representation we had last night since Ridgefield Barbie is a wholly owned ( WHAT 13th Amendment?) subsidiary of Cathy McMorris Rogers, is stuck with someone unfit, and incapable, of carrying Colonel West's luggage.

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  1. Really? Compared to Ridgefield Barbie he's a fricking genius.


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