Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Jaime Herrera's a coward? Who knew?

Ridgefield Barbie knows she's outclassed by Heck. In fact, the biggest problem Heck has is his party affiliation. In every other way, from experience through education, he is the superior candidate.

Unfortunately, I can't vote for him because his party has led us into a slow-motion (but quicker lately) ongoing train wreck. Equally unfortunate, Babs lacks any quality that would make her more than a useful tool for her puppet master, McMorris Rogers, and she will have no positive impact on that problem.

They know that. So, instead of having the guts and the ability to take Heck on in public, our local version of the empty suit is to much of a coward to debate him here in Clark County, Herrera's occasional home over the past several years (Typically she's been doing her bit for the party circuit in DC when she's not in one of her multiple internships that have done so much to keep her out of the private sector... for the entirety of her life) and an area she would hope to represent without ever enabling the electorate to see her true worthlessness as a candidate.

I have, on occasion, rued that we don't have a qualified congressional candidate representing us in the GOP here locally. Allen West comes to mind... for that matter, David Castillo. But to possibly have this vacuous suit rack making decisions that concern this nation's future, economy and security frankly sickens me.

Since she lacks the guts to take on Heck in a debate, how is this simple idiot going to have the courage to make decisions that will lead our troops to their deaths... or enable her to stand up to an Obama?

If she was all that, she'd look at Heck and say something like "bring it on.... any time, any where." But that's not our gutless Babs.

As one commenter pointed out, Heck won't move down here... although, given the moronic government and mayor of Vancouver and the stupidity of replacing the I-5 Bridge for wasted billions, who can blame him? But his desire to take this jock on in public... including here... shows that he has the courage of his convictions and is not intimidated by our resident fake.

For her, just the opposite is the case. And for those stupid enough to support her... well, you get what you pay for.

Remember that as you vote for little Ms. "I didn't have any reason to criticize Brian Baird."

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