Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A commenter claims: Am I a "closet democrat?"

I have never made any bones about my complete opposition to Jaime Herrera. And, of course, I never will.

Does that opposition make me a "closet democrat?" Let's look at that question.

I have long since abandoned blind faith in any party. Even as a PCO, I reserve the right to avoid suspending disbelief in the name of a party label.

For example, my brother-in-law, alleged Republican County Commissioner Marc Boldt is number one on the list of people endorsing his democrat counterpart, Steve "Easy Money" Stuart.

Does that make Marc a "secret democrat?"

Let's take a look at another race.

In the 31st District, State Senator Pam Roach is running for re-election. She's running against another Republican as a result of our top two primary system, a fellow by the name of Matt Richardson.

Matt has some past personal difficulties that have come to light: for example, he's plead guilty to molesting a little girl, or a couple of little girls, several years ago. He has since become a teacher, and he has since been resigned from Federal Way Schools, where he received a letter of reprimand following allegations of sexual misconduct there.

As a result of these issues, the sitting DEMOCRAT state representative and Roach's former democrat opponent from 02 and 06 have endorsed her, Roach.

Does that make them "secret Republicans?"

I don't believe it does.

Jaime Herrera is unqualified by intelligence, experience, education and/or temperament to be elected to Congress. She has consistently lied about so many aspects of her life and career.... and the idea that SHE would accuse SOMEBODY ELSE of being a "career politician?"

I will not support a rank hypocrite.

I will not support a liar.

I will not support an SEIU supporter, who, in the past has been endorsed and funded by that organization.

The mere fact that she has an "R" after her name does not excuse any of those things.

Here's an example of Ridgefield Barbie's most recent hypocrisy, from Bab's own Facebook page:

Now, the reader might ask: "What's hypocritical about that?"
Fair enough. Herrera is nothing but a career politician. Even though she accomplished absolutely nothing as a legislator, she accomplished even less in the private sector.
But this?
She babbles about Biden coming out to support Heck. She babbles about that because, she claims that Biden was first elected to something in 73, with Heck being elected to something 3 years later... almost as if that kind of nonsense had any relevance whatsoever.
But what she FAILS to mention is this: Slade Gordon, who first entered politics in 1959 and held some elected office until he was defeated in 2001, has been one of her biggest cheerleaders, even going so far as appearing at a half dozen fund raisers for her.
So, Gorton has been out there doing the same thing as Biden will do for Heck, and was in elective office about as long... and Barbie then attacks Heck for it?
Herrera supporters may feel free to support someone capable of such rank hypocrisy.
Not so much.

Her election is not necessary to secure control of the House. Her election would certainly be more harmful then positive, because in Ridgefield Barbie's world, it's all about her... and not about us.

And isn't it supposed to be about "us?"

I will never support this woman for election. If anything. I will, in fact, do all I legally can to make sure she doesn't get elected... as is my right.

That those claiming I'm a "secret democrat" are willing to turn a blind eye to her myriad faults and obvious weaknesses is the heart of the problem with government today, a government owned and operated by those supported, not as a result of their record, but as a result of their party label. I will not "settle" on someone. I want honor and integrity. She has neither. And if that means a democrat wins, then so be it.

That's where I'm at. So figure it out and draw your own conclusion.

I know I have.

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  1. IMHO, Jamie Herrera is the 'closet democrat.'

  2. So you like making comments about Jaime Herrera's physique (Barbie). This makes you sound sexist. There are only two people on the Voters ballot for Representative, Herrera or Heck. Who are you suggesting we vote for?

    You have thrown alot of accusations against Jaime Herrera and I went to the web site you quoted. I found no information at those sites to back up your conclussion. You need to go review your sources referenced or give us the internet link. As an example, you reference liberal organizations that support Jaime Herrera for Representative. I went to the liberal organizations web sites you mention and could not find what you claimed was there. Needless to say I was pissed that I wasted my time search for bogus accusations. If you want to be credible you have to give us the source in detail. Currently I believe your rambling and cannot back up what you saying.

  3. The Barbie reference is not related to her physique as much as it's related to the empty-headed nature of her history and politics. There's nothing "sexist" about it; her supporters are typically the ones all agog over the "young, latina (or at least half latinia... her mother is as latino as I am) and when it comes to choices, you can always feel free to write in someone. May I suggest Chris Boyd?

    If you could be a little more specific as to the "web site you quoted?" This particular blog entry has no link in it.

    I ALWAYS back up what I say. And if you can show SPECIFICALLY where I have failed to do that, I will be happy to address your concerns.

    When it comes to union support of Herrera, that information is listed on the PDC (Public Disclosure Commission web site.) and I can only presume that you did not go there, because if you had, you would have found the following:


    Her replacement, Ann Rivers, hasn't received a dime from unions.

    That you can't find this stuff doesn't make it false. The PDC's have the information there for all to see, all you have to do is look it up under election year 2008.

    Thanks for stopping by, and please let me know if you have any more questions.


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