Friday, July 23, 2010

The lies of Jaime Herrera continue.

The fact is that Herrera played no major role and "coordinated" nothing for the Bush fundraiser.

When I heard her tell the PCO's that SHE was responsible for raising $2 million dollars at a fund raiser for Bush in Bellevue, I thought her nose grew a foot.
Herrera launched her political career in 2004, the same year she graduated from UW. She interned in Zarelli’s office, coordinated a successful fundraiser for the re-election of President George W. Bush, and won a White House internship. She stayed on in D.C. to work for McMorris Rodgers in her first term, specializing in health care, education and veterans’ issues.
Absolutely ZERO private sector experience....
“We need someone who can hit the ground running and go toe-to-toe with the Democrats,” she told her fellow Republicans.
McMorris clearly parachuted Herrera in here for this. And with equal clarity, Herrera's idea of "going toe-to-toe with the democrats" meant voting WITH the democrats to strip out the last $229 million from the state emergency fund. Did she put up a fight THERE, or WHAT? Was Herrera's SEIU legislation and support for that legislation just another example of her "going toe-to-toe" with the democrats?
Eleven days later, facing commissioners from Clark and Cowlitz counties, she declared, “Every step I have taken since high school has been preparing me for this. There is not a job in the world I would rather have.”
Obviously the lie of her decade.

If there was "not a job in the world she would rather have..." then why did she abandon that job so quickly for... another job? And if she was so "well prepared," why did she lead off almost every question answetr to the commissioners:"I don't presume to pretend to know?"

Herrera's appointment was the result of a deal made by McMorris and Marc Boldt, my brother-in-law. Boldt arranged a deal with 2 Cowlitz commissioners... and that's all it took. The rest of it was just eye wash. It was old school political corruption at it's finest. It was the interference of a congresswoman from the other side of the state who built Herrera from spare parts laying around her office, tossed her in here and who is now trying to drag Herrera to the finish line.

Ridgefield Barbie is a consummate liar... a say anything, do nothing politician who has only one interest in her politics: to scam enough people into voting for her.

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  1. I have to laugh when I listen to all of the newly decided "grassroots" politico's around the district claim how they don't want a "career politician," but supporting Herrera, who openly admits every thing she has eve done has been to advance her politically.

    Sounds like a "career politician" to me.


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