Friday, July 2, 2010

Hererra: "She's a big, fat, liar."

Teenagers have an interesting way of looking at things.

I've got a couple. One just finished high school, the other is a junior. The junior has had some difficult times, but is making a solid comeback, on the honor roll again after an 18 month or so absence.

As you might expect in a household where the majority of the income stems from politics, these two have a great deal of political awareness... more than most kids their age.

So, I was not terribly surprised when my daughter, in the midst of reviewing the bidding from last night's Herrera debacle (Otherwise known as the 3rd CD candidate forum) piped up and exclaimed, "That Herrera... she's a big, fat, liar!" (!6 year-olds do seem to have the ability to cut to the chase.)

I hadn't read the review from the TNT as yet, so I asked how it was that Herrera was a liar.

She replied, "Well, there's a part of this story... she says that she (Herrera) has a track record as a state lawmaker of reining in government spending... and that's a lie!"

"How 's that?" I asked.

"Well," she said, "Herrera helped the democrats strip out our last $200 million from the state emergency fund to help them spend our money. How is that 'reining in government spending?'"

That's my girl!

"It isn't," I explained. "Herrera has been worthless as a legislator, getting a grand total of one agreed bill into law. She's worked for the SEIU, cosponsoring and voting for a bill that would have required day care workers to unionize while forcing their business owners to pay their dues for them, and then lying about the nonexistent business support for the bill... all the while lying about it.... (Don't forget, unions gave her $5000 for her last run in 08) and, she's helped the democrats waste hundreds of millions of dollars. So, Herrera seems to be remarkably like Jon Russell: someone who will lie about anything, at any time, to get elected."

When it comes right down to it, my kid nailed it. Herrera lied last night... to the audience and to all of us.

As Al Gore has found out, the truth can be an inconvenient thing.

Just ask Ridgefield Barbie.


  1. For some reason I doubt this conversation actually existed. And who in the world is paying you in the political world? They must be seriously stupid.

  2. Between Hedrick and Herrera we can see the worst of politics as both make boastful claims not borne out by the facts.

    Herrera continues to claim a false record while Hedrick continues to fool himself by boasting of his "superior command of the issues" when he does little more than repeat vague platitudes totally lacking in specifics.

  3. For some reason, Jacob, you come across as a moron. Did Jaime give you a cookie?

    I note that you question if the conversation actually took place, but not the contents of it.

    So, instead of addressing the multiple issues brought up this morning, you attack me.

    My guess?

    You're hell on wheels on the playground.

    As for who pays me?

    Those who want to win, primarily. It pays very well, actually, and has.... for years. Because there are so many more ignorants out there such as yourself, it's kinda like shooting fish in a barrel.

  4. The situation with Jon Russell has me wondering: where would this race be if they just told the truth instead of trying to sell us a bill of goods.


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