Thursday, June 3, 2010

Herrera: the same old face of the establishment GOP.

I nearly chucked my Cheerios yesterday at CMR's pronouncement that Ridgefield Barbie was the so-called "new face" of the GOP.

If Herrera is the "new face," give me the old one any day.

Well, here's PubliCola's take on the establishment candidate... the same-o same-o, regardless of McMorris's propaganda:

2. And another follow-up report: Yesterday Chris Kissel was down in Vancouver reporting on young, Hispanic U.S. Rep. candidate, Republican Jaime Herrera. Herrera supporters, like U.S. Rep Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA, 5), told Chris that Herrera was “the new face of the Party.”

That could be true. But in some ways, she is also same-old-same-old for the GOP. Her top contributors include investment, construction, mining, and banking companies like Wells Fargo, Robertson & Olson Construction, Kiewit & Sons, Eagle River Investments, and JL Storedahl & Sons.

Herrera has raised nearly $200,000 and has about $140,000 on hand. The top Democrat in the field, Denny Heck, has raised $569,000 with $532,000 on hand.

So, yeah... Herrera represents that same old tired establishment GOP that couldn't control itself when it had control over both the House and the Senate and spent like... well, like democrats.

Herrera, of course, has already shown she's capable of blowing the taxpayer's dime.

So, if McMorris Rogers actually believes that this empty suit is the "new face," then God help us when Heck stomps her into the ground if she politically survives the primary.

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