Friday, June 18, 2010

Herrera: promoted to slimeball today.

I don't know how I missed it.

This bizarre poll with absolutely zero evidence, paid for by Herrera, shows Herrera in the lead?

Look, I knew she was an empty-suited, no experienced liar... but now a slimeball on top of it?

The only thing more moronic is that the cancer on our community wasted a drop of ink on this garbage.

I see all of her winged monkeys giddy over this dung pile of a bogus poll. But then, her chief cheerleader has a proven worthless record running a county GOP organization so lame they can't find ANY candidates to even TRY and win elections. And how pathetic is that?

She has just proven herself as scum. We'll be well rid of her when this is all over.


  1. This is absolutely a horrible approach to political discourse and fuels nothing but disrespect and hate.

  2. Yeah, but she's running anyway... and scaming us with a bogus, unsupportable, worthless "poll."

    You'd think she'd know better.


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