Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Here's yet another qualification for Congress Ridgefield Barbie will never have:


I know that our Constitution does not require that our members of Congress should have served an enlistment in the military.

But it should. Having a basic knowledge of the military; how it works, the sacrifice of those serving us and their families, the actual rolling around in the mud of it; would we not have a better Congress and president if that was a requirement?

Jaime Herrera will never know these things. She will never know what "having the duty" means. She will never know the mundane issues of rolling out for PT at 5 in the morning in a blinding rain storm in the pitch black. She'll never be held responsible for guarding millions of dollars worth of equipment, never be around a bunch of people who are doing their best to kill her. And she'll never know what it is to go, say, 3 years, away from their family.

She's proven she's got no clue about the military, which is not particularly encouraging during a time of war.

David Castillo has that clue, and many others. That's a large part of why a warrior like Chris Boyd endorses Castillo.

David's taken the difficult road to get to where he is, and he did it without keepers like McMorris Rogers arranging everything every step of the way.

No, he's not the establishment's candidate. And for me, that's reason enough to vote for him.

H/T to Lew Waters.

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