Friday, April 30, 2010

So, I gotta wonder: where's Herrera on the Arizona Immigration issue?

It is, perhaps, the latest political red herring by the "don't-care-about-the-law left."

As the federal government, going back decades (Making this both a left AND a right issue of failure) fiddles while this nation generally and the border states particularly "burn," the fed does, relatively speaking, nothing.

I say "relatively speaking" because they DO pay lip service to enforcing the law. But that's all they do, as the government goes about its business which consists of reducing "problem noise" to a bearable level but never solving ANYTHING.

I would ask the reader: when has government EVER solved ANY problem?

I remember illegal alien amnesty under Reagan. Reagan was a solid, even brilliant president on many things, but his illegal alien amnesty program will stand as his greatest policy failure... by far.

THAT abortive effort was SUPPOSED to SOLVE the problem, right?

Well, how's that working out for us?

Now, even almost 9 years after 9/11, our border and ports are STILL a sieve. Promises made to keep us safe haven't been enhanced by the efforts of our last two presidents when it comes to border security, and now crime in that region is frequently rampant, drug cartels spread their influence, violence and intimidation almost without visible fear of retaliation or retribution.... in THIS country.

It's such a joke that when WE finally act to do SOMETHING about it, the President of Mexico has the GALL to issue a travel advisory to MEXICANS going to Arizona.

This from a country where THEIR immigration policy appears to have been written by Heinrich Himmler; where non-citizens have NO right to protest, and where the cruelty of Mexican security forces on their southern border is legendary.

The left, of course, having nailed down the fraud vote, is throwing a tizzy. But what they're FAILING to do is to offer any viable alternative.

The Constitution isn't a death warrant. It cannot be used as some sort of shield to allow or continue policies that are spilling American blood in our streets because the fed lacks the balls to do what has to be done. To that end, I applaud the legislature and governor of Arizona; they have gained my respect and admiration, something I certainly cannot say about MY legislature and MY governor, who have earned neither.

To the nay-sayers throwing such a tizzy, I say this: Unless you can come up with a viable, immediate policy that will secure our borders, make us safe and rid us of the scourge of law breakers, then STFU.

To the illegal aliens getting ready to do what could possibly get us shot in Mexico for doing it, namely protest against government policies that you violate, I say this: Everywhere there is ANY protest, ALL protesters should be rounded up and processed to see if they are, in fact, illegal aliens. If they are, then shove them ALL back over the border.

And to the fringe-left nutters "threatening to file suit" over this law; stop "threatening" and DO IT.

And by all means, the moment you get past your open borders mentality and begin to deal with the real world by coming up with some OTHER solutions to these problems... feel free to stop whining and sniveling... and let us know, won't you?

You see, I would have no problem implementing Mexico's own immigration laws against illegal aliens. After all, do we REALLY need to think real hard what would happen if Americans were protesting all over Mexico about THEIR immigration laws?

All of that aside, what I HAVEN'T heard from is our own, inestimable representative of the 18th District. Given her leftist support of unions generally and the SEIU particularly, it would be nice to know, wouldn't it?

So tell us, Jaime: What's YOUR position on this?

And, no cheating! THIS time, your position can't be a mirror image of your keepers.

Ah, hell, we know it will be, if you have the guts to put out a position at all, but it was worth a shot, wasn't it?

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