Friday, April 2, 2010

Herrera's support of SEIU begins to bite: Kool Aid drinking supporters are running scared.

Jamie Herrera is a tool for the SEIU. In her "defense," there's a blog post that has a copy of some sort of nonsensical wimpy attempt to excuse or justify this quite indicative sell out that Ridgefield Barbie, the fake Republican running in the 3rd Congressional District, actually did something that made sense.

It didn't.

Herrera cosponsored and voted for a bill that will unionize child care workers. For reasons I've already set forth, that is one of the worst imaginable ideas concerning the issue of day care, period. Further, she also VOTED AGAINST HER CAUCUS (The vote was 62 to 35 and most of those 35 were, well Republican... much like almost all of the 62 were, well, democrats)

But there is no excuse for cosponsoring a SEIU bill if you are to refer to yourself as a "conservative."

That any conservative would even consider voting for this cardboard cutout in the face of her support of SEIU... the same group supported by such luminaries as Barack Obama; Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Patty Murray, Barney Frank and the like supports... is admittedly a complete and total mystery to me.

Those people have something in common with our fake Republican. And what that "thing" is stands as a reason for her to never gain election to even the position of dog catcher.

Calling someone who would co-sponsor the SEIU bill a "conservative" is moronic. Deliberately failing to mention that little factoid as a part of your efforts to defend the indefensible?

That's something else. That's sordid. That's cowardly. That's fraud. And that's what Herrera supporters who either agree with her actions or support them while THEY masquerade as "conservatives" could fairly be labeled.

As a conservative, just ask yourself this:

Would YOU co-sponsor and vote for a SEIU bill?

If you haven't eaten yet, feel free to head on over to this bogus effort to defend this clueless empty suit's support of SEIU.

Don't do it if you have eaten, though. Because you won't be able to keep it down.

As far as that goes, the one thing that amazes me the most is how many leftists votes Herrera takes that the Herrera Herd just goes along with.

The lie then, is in referring to this fake Republican as a "conservative."

What both Huff and this Bowman guy deliberately left out is that not only did Herrera VOTE for this what you admit to be "not a GREAT bill;" the simple idiot co-sponsored it.

Co-sponsored, Huff. She co-sponsored an SEIU bill, and then voted for it.

Much like she voted for stripping out the $229,000,000 from the state's emergency fund to help the democrats with their massive spending increases this session, "conservatives" would neither COSPONSOR A SEIU BILL, VOTE FOR THE SEIU BILL, NOR VOTE AGAINST HER CAUCUS TO EMPTY OUT THE STATE RAINY DAY FUND.

I have to wonder: what leftist cause, bill or series of causes or bills would it take for the Herrera Herd to get that she's as conservative as my cocker spaniel?

And by the way, Huff? Your constant whine about checking "her voting record" is even more proof that there is nothing this woman can do to get you to wake up:

What HAS is a record of how her voting buttons were pushed. It doesn't have a record of WHO PUSHED THEM the dozens of votes she MISSED VOTES so she could go out and fund raise.

I get that the SEIU thing is causing her problems. No true conservative would consider voting for a so-called Republican who not only voted for SEIU legislation, but COSPONSORED THE BILL.

And no amount of spin from you, or Bowman, or anyone else can make up for the fact that she sold us out to the SEIU here, just like she ditched us to go to a DC special interest fund raiser during session; and just like she voted to help the democrats rape us financially just a few short days ago.

NO other GOP candidate in this district would CONSIDER carrying the water for the SEIU. Her vote there makes her unfit to hold the office she has now, let alone go to congress to do anything but answer phones at a receptionist desk.

I'm just astounded that you people have, apparently, drank enough Kool Aid to fill an Olympic Swimming pool.

Unbelievable. If you people believe her to be a conservative, then I'm ashamed to call myself one.

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