Sunday, March 7, 2010

Lew Waters nails it: Why I Question Jaime Herrera’s Judgment

Lew Waters over at Clark County Conservative nails it. It's a good read and it serves to explain one of the major reasons to oppose Ridgefield Barbie's election to anything: her complete lack of judgment, personified in such idiocy as ditching session for a special interest fund raiser in Washington, DC.
Why I Question Jaime Herrera’s Judgment
By lewwaters

Ever since Jaime’s sudden and rapid jump into the Washington 3rd Congressional District race, less than 2 hours after Brian Baird announced his retirement this term, several less than complementary emails and comments have come my way because I dare to speak out against the one that appears to be the “party’s chosen one,” even though our primaries are still months away.

I’m not crying about the comments, mind you. I’m a big boy now and can take whatever is thrown my way, even if it is off base or over the top accusations. I mention them to show that perhaps those questioning my choice of candidate ought to be questioning theirs instead.

One of my main reasons I question her judgment has been and remains her co-sponsorship and voting twice for unionizing childcare centers in Washington State, HB 1329, that I have posted on previously HERE and HERE.

Much more available here.

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