Thursday, February 25, 2010

So, uh, Jaime... you want a little cheese with that whine?

Will, golly-gosh gee-willickers. Jaime's got her panties in a bunch, big time. She sent out this pathetic effort to "explain" what's happened... since she just got her head handed to her in a basket in the Columbian.

Dear Friends,

Rep. Deb Wallace, a Democrat, has withdrawn from the race for Congress in the 3rd District but on her way out wants to throw some mud at me.

Wallace alleges that I have been away from the House floor “for hours at a time” during votes this year. That is false. I have one of the best voting attendance records in Olympia. In three years I’ve only missed a total of 10 out of 1863 possible floor votes. All of the votes I missed took place before this year, and all were excused absences -- I missed a few votes the day my car broke down on I-5 and the others on the day I attended my grandmother’s funeral.

Every single legislator is called off the floor from time to time for meetings. This happens most often when constituents arrive at the Capitol hoping to meet their legislators. When that happens, it is a longstanding House practice for the legislator to instruct their seatmate how they intend to vote, and allow the seatmate to push the legislator’s voting button while the legislator spends a few minutes with their constituents. I have done this, as has Rep. Wallace and virtually every legislator who has served in the House in at least the past few decades, but this does not equal “hours” away from the floor.

I am very active on this session as Assistant Floor Leader. In that role my duties include moving around the floor to work with legislators who are about to speak, and stepping into the wings of the chamber for leadership meetings. At those times I am not sitting in my seat but I am deeply involved in the legislative process.

I stand behind my voting record, which is available at, and I stand behind my hard work and service to the people of my legislative district.

This is one of the first, but it won’t be the last untruth that is told about me this year. I’m ready for this fight. The goal of restoring America and representing the people of Southwest Washington is too important a goal to be sidetracked by this kind of nonsense.

Thank you for reading this message.


Jaime Herrera

First of all, don't believe for a second that Herrera actually wrote this.

Second, she's a proven liar. So why believe her now?

See, Ridgefield Barbie's problem is that it ain't mud if it's true.

And it is true.

That Wallace, in Herrera's pinhead mind, doesn't have "proof" is meaningless.

What kind of "proof" would suffice to convince Herrera that her illegal activities an blowing off the people of the 18th District is, in fact, what actually happened?

It's easy to say that someone can't "prove" an allegation. But the fact that there's no "proof" that God exists doesn't deter me from having faith that it's so.

The lamest aspect of this lame defence is that Herrera CONTINUES to defend her "voting record."

What she doesn't seem to understand is that this isn't ABOUT her "voting record." This is about SOMEBODY ELSE VOTING FOR HER IN HER ABSENCE.

When you are not there... and someone else votes for you... then guess what? It shows that you WERE there... even when you WEREN'T.

So this smokescreen, dog and pony show is just that, and it completely fails to address the issues at hand... which is that Herrera didn't vote... somebody else voted FOR her... and the voting machine neither knows or cares who that was/is; it will still show it was YOU, Herrera, even when we know it wasn't.

Is this a coincidental failure?

I think not.

And that said, Barbie, this "voting record" that you're so hot to "defend?" It seems to include a co-sponsorship of an SEIU bill that will FORCE child care workers into unions... and put child care costs out of reach for many... unless, of course, you and the rest of your leftist clowns in the Legislature jack up the child care subsidies that WE pay... but you would NEVER do something like that...

Would you?

Face it, Barbie. You've screwed up. You're an idiot wrapped in a moron. And your selective memory doesn't help.

You have bailed on your constituents, of which I am one. Your should have resigned when you got the moronic idea that YOU should be OUR representative in Congress.

And your string-pulling keepers should have picked someone else with the common sense of a board fence to try to ram down our throats instead of a waste of skin like you.

And how's that special interest fund raiser in DC going? You know, the one you're leaving us behind to jet over to DC for?

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