Tuesday, February 16, 2010

All this posturing on I-960. You've got to wonder wonder why Herrera screwed us on the SEIU bill.

The senior intern-turned appointed state representative is, no doubt, shooting off her mouth on the floor at a mile a minute so she can come out and tell us how hard "She" fought to keep it in place.

Of course, she was strangely absent when it came to getting it in front of the people in the first place, but hey, given everything that's happened with Ridgefield Barbie, no one could ever claim she's not a rank opportunist.

The problem is that no matter what she blabs now, it won't wash away the stain of selling us all out by co-sponsoring and voting for that neo-communist bill pushing child care costs far out of the reach of those who need it the most.

So, she screws the most needy in our society by increasing both the cost of day care and the size of the leftist unions that brought us to this sorry state of affairs in the first place.

And now, she's cranking out the rhetoric and the verbiage, no doubt to get it all up on YouTube as fast as possible to polish her non-existent conservative cred.

It doesn't matter what you said tonight, Herrera.

Because, when it mattered, you said the wrong thing at the wrong time and helped the enemies of our economy strike another blow against those who needed the help the most.

And nothing you said tonight will change any of that.

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  1. I'm still waiting on Jaime's explanation she said she would email me about her reasonings when she called me on February 9.

    I wasn't grasping what she was explaining on the phone and asked her to email her explanation of reason, which she agreed to.

    Somehow, I'm feeling McMorris Rodgers or Slade Gorton, or both, chatised her for calling me personally and warned her not to put anything in writing about it.


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